5 Tricks to Losing weight for your New Years Party

5 Tricks to Losing weight for your New Years Party

The phrase ‘New Years Party’ can bring up a lot of dread for many slimmers. Not only do you have to face the daunting task of dressing up in front of your colleagues, but there is also the endless of obstacles of avoiding the buffet table and the bar.

If you too are looking for ways to maintain your New Year weight loss and not put on a single lb during this seasonal holiday, then there are a number of tricks you can use.

Below we have listed 5 useful tricks - which you can implement at any party – that will help you to remain in firm control of your weight loss and ensure you still have a good time.

New Year Weight Loss

1. Eat before you go – buffet tables are renowned for bringing out the worse in you when it comes to snacking. Filled with bite sized foods that are just begging to be eaten, it is easy to eat much more than you usually would.

To avoid this temptation, make sure you eat before you go. By arriving at your New Years party already full and satisfied, you will confidently be able to stay away from the buffet table and resist the temptation of overeating.

2. Fill your plate – as a rule there is no limit to the number of times you can visit the buffet table, which is where overeating can become problematic. Filled with the knowledge that you can go up again, again and again, you do not fill your plate with all the foods that you want the first time, but instead choose to turn the buffet table into a 3 course meal that can become very calorific…

However by making the decisive decision to fill your plate just once – no more - you will find that you are more aware of what you are eating and will eat everything you want the first time.

3. Bring a limited amount of money – New Year parties are renowned for excessive drinking, but the problem with drinking too much alcohol is all the hidden calories waiting to get in your system.

The average pint contains 250 calories whilst a shot of vodka contains around 50 calories. Drink just 4 pints and you’ll have instantly consumed half your daily calorie intake.

To resist the temptation of consuming endless unnecessary calories bring with you enough money to buy just a few drinks. By limiting how much you can spend, you can remain in control of your New Year Weight loss and escape the guilt of drinking too much.

NOTE: one of key reasons for New Year weight gain is drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, so it is essential that you limit how much alcohol you consume. Limit this, and you can limit your weight gain.

4. Control where you are standing – one of the curses of the buffet table is that it is easy to keep picking at the food displayed there, especially if you are positioned next to or in plain sight of the table.

For this reason, make sure you are seated as far away as possible from the buffet table so you can resist the inclination to snack. With the buffet table out of sight, it will also be out of mind too.

5. Get dancing – that’s right! Get on that dance floor and enjoy yourself. Dancing is a great way to burn some of those excess calories, PLUS whilst you are dancing you’ll be drinking and eating less too.

Whether you looking to lose Christmas weight or limit the impact this holiday season will have on your New Year weight gain; implementing any one of the above steps can help you to remain in firm control of your weight loss.

In fact these very same tricks can be used for all occasions, so give them a try today and experience the New Year weight loss you deserve.

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